“…One, the flesh and the blood and the soul of five in one body, that perhaps will separate and search for its place in the kingdom of God once we are avenged”.

Sanctuary of Shadows

He always believed that an unknown light illuminated his life. Some of his colleagues and acquaintances attributed his triumphs and his ascent by work in the world of letters to luck. He admits that during many years he believed that everything happened for one simple reason: While others wasted time in the murky theater of the Cuban cultural world, he was busy writing like someone possessed, or as he likes to say, “I worked like a blind animal.”

Alberto Garrido

Alberto Garrido

One day he discovered that someone, centuries ago, died on the cross to save him from the darkness, so that the light would always be with him.

Guillermo Vidal

Guillermo Vidal

This discovery happened when two colleagues of his generation, the writers Guillermo Vidal and Alberto Garrido, confessed to him that many believed they were crazy because they had turned over their lives to what some called “the fanatic dogma of religion.”

He recounts that he asked them:

“And you feel good like that, as Christians?”

“We are so happy that we cannot describe to you in words how good we feel”, they answered him.

He agreed: The important thing was that his dear friends were happy; they could believe in whatever they wanted.

A couple of years later, that same Guillermo Vidal, now converted into one of his dearest brothers, showed him the beautiful face of Jesus Christ. This is a long story that he wants to tell some day.

Since then he has become a new person. His successes have multiplied; he has learned the meaning of the word prosperity; his faith has become stronger; and every day he prays to God for the strength to continue working and the humility to not become corrupt, as many other writers have, with the success that he can achieve.