In the field of Publicity

Until his departure from Cuba, he was a member of the Cuban Association of Publicists and Propagandists.

He traveled to Mexico in 1993, invited by the Secretary of Tourism of this country. Later he graduated with High Honors from the International Course of Tourism Promotion and Marketing Strategy, also offered by the Secretary of Tourism in Mexico.

He worked as a Publicist and Marketing Strategy Specialist for the Secretary of Tourism in Mexico and in the Office of Cubanacán S.A. in Mexico City.

For several years he was the Advertising Editor and publisher of Advertising and International Marketing for Publicitaria Coral, of the Cuban Corporation for Tourism, Cubanacán.

He was the author and principal in charge of publicity for more than a dozen Cuban companies and products currently on the Cuban market.

At the beginning of the 1990’s, he worked as a Producer at the Spanish recording company CARIBE PRODUCTIONS INC, located in Havana, producing more than 20 compact discs of today’s most important Cuban groups and artists, as well as more than 20 foreign promotional campaigns of important commercial and cultural institutions, as well as companies like Cabaret Tropicana, the Gran Caribe chain, Bucanero rum, Caribbean Club and Havana Club, among others.

In the middle of the 1990s, he founded in Havana the publicity company VALBec S.A., which operated clandestinely for two years until it was closed as part of a powerful campaign by the Cuban government against independent publicists.

In 2014 he founded AV Kreativhaus e.V., a creative agency that offers different services in the field of editorial and commercial advertising.