Between fear and shadows

“Your novel is an almost-desperate vision of the dark side of drugs in a Havana immersed in hopelessness, where prostitution, narco-trafficking and the black market are everyday occurrences”.

Fernando Martínez Laínez, Spanish writer and journalist. ABC Cultural

Entre el miedo y las sombras, novela, Amir ValleA complicated investigation by the well-known character, Alex Varga (the protagonist, along with Alain Bec, in the author’s detective series) leads the reader down secret paths into the Cuban black market for drugs, and to murky connections with certain spheres of power in this country and their relationship with the Latin American market for narcotics. The moral and social implications of all this, transferred to the environment of poverty on the margins of Havana society, constitute the central axis of this novel, which provides us again, according to Spanish critique, “with the agile, accurate and aggressive prose to which this writer has accustomed us”.

This novel was among the five nominees for the International Award “Dashiell Hammett” 2004 for best crime novel published in Spanish this year.

Zoela Ediciones, Spain, 2003
Negrura Collection
160 pages
ISBN: 84-95756-07-2

Entre el miedo y las sombras, novela, Alemania, Amir ValleEdition Köln, Germany, 2007
Collection: Krimi & Co.
176 pages
ISBN: 978-3-936791-31-0