Long nights with Flavia

“With this novel, Amir Valle demonstrates complete maturity as a writer”.

Cristina Macía, Spanish writer and translator


Largas noches con Flavia, novela, Amir ValleThree young Spanish tourists in Havana suffer persecution and punishment for what a powerful drug trafficker considers a stupidity that endangers his business. Alex Varga, the old Mayor of the Marginal World of Havana, and Alain Bec, a police lieutenant, join forces to protect the only survivor: Flavia, a beautiful woman from Madrid, also destined to die if she falls into the hands of the sinister criminal, who fancies himself a great capo, and who has very strong relations with the hidden and public powers of the island. After investigating the motives for this murderous obsession with the young Spaniards, Alex Varga and Alain Bec again plunge into the world of narco-trafficking organized in the neighborhoods of Central Havana, discovering new faces of the marginal world linked to narcotics, prostitution, the black market, police corruption and the double morality that corrodes present-day Cuban society, amidst a duel for power, sometimes ethical, sometimes bloody, that will make it impossible to define the true limits of Good and Evil on an island idealized by some and demonized by others.

Editorial Almuzara, Córdoba, Spain, 2008
213 pages
ISBN: 9 788496 968950