Non lasciar mai che ti vedano piangere (Never let them see you mourn)


Non lasciar mai che ti vedano piangere, novela, Amir Valle

Four storylines in four different historical periods, demonstrating the impact of the life and work of the great English comedian Charles Chaplin in the history of the twentieth century.

The fisrt sequence tells the adventures of German actor Emil Kaufmann whom Adolf Hitler in 1941 (after seeing, accompanied by Goebbels, the film “The Great Dictator” by Charles Chaplin) ordered to kidnap the English comedian and take him to Berlin, with the idea to give him an punishment. Emil will be forced to move from Germany to Paris, to London and finally to the United States, to fulfill the purpose of their Fuhrer. Another sequence occurs in 1952, when the young Ernesto Che Guevara (still unknown), in a short stay in Miami after the first of his travels in Latin America, planned the kidnapping of actress Marilyn Monroe, the baseball player Joe Dimaggio and Charles Chaplin , with the idea of forcing them to learn the harsh reality of the Latin American peoples. A third sequence happens in 1978, three months after Chaplin’s death, when two criminals (the Bulgarian Ganev Galtcho and the Polish Roman Wardas) commanded by a former Nazi officer, Robert Streicher, stole the body of Chaplin from the grave in Corsier-sur -Vevey, Switzerland, with dark purposes that until today remain in the shadows. And the last sequence, in Berlin today, tells the true story of a young German neo-Nazi who rebelled against a dangerous neo-Nazi network in Europe, because in her childhood she was deeply shocked by the distressing but beautifully human images of the film “The Wanderer”, made by Charles Chaplin.


Edizioni Anordest, Villorba (TV), Italy, 2012
250 pages
ISBN: 978-88-96742-58-7