The hallucinatory dance of the suicide

“Defiant, raw, stones thrown at the reader’s head – that’s what these stories are, written with that stylistic perfection to which Amir Valle now has accustomed us”.

Guillermo Vidal, Cuban writer

La danza alucinada del suicida, cuentos, Amir Valle


A book of considerable literary maturity, marked by a narrative passion, a vigorous construction of characters, acid realism in transforming characters who cannot explain the failure of their lives, the pain, disgust, family discord and death, and with a rare lyricism that will capture the reader in every story.

With this work the author won the National Short Story Prize “Manuel Cofiño” 1998. Juried by Marilyn Bobes, Guillermo Vidal and Alberto Edel Morales.


Editorial Sanlope, Cuba, 1999
Premio Collection
126 pages. 7 stories
ISBN: 959-251-023-7