The roots of hatred

“It is a heartbreaking novel, raw, human, written with that personal touch, unmistakable, thay you already have”.

Nicole Cantó, French-Spanish publisher.


Las raíces del odio, novela, Amir ValleDavid is a Cuban who has had a hard life like his beloved sister. They have suffered sexual abuse, hunger, deprivation, lack of freedom and all that implies living under a totalitarian system, watching his dreams before his eyes but could not catch them. They survive on illegal businesses and practicing prostitution. Disgusted of everything in Cuba, they tried and gain a new life in Europe, in democracy. But all is not as they imagined.

In Spain they too will struggle between Tyrian and Trojan, strangers and friends, fascists and communists, and they discover that is not always easy to distinguish in which side you play. All their dreams, the least things that other were promised them and the dreamed welfare, everything, in short, has a price. And fatally they’ll find out in the sewers of the underworld of the skinheads in Madrid, where try to survive will be harder than they thought.


Editorial El barco ebrio, Madrid, Spain, 2012
125 pages
ISBN: 978-84-15622-02-4