Blue girl beneath the rain

Muchacha azul bajo la lluvia, novela, Amir Valle
In an atmosphere of marked eroticism, intrigue, mystery and literary play, an aging writer in search of ideas for the culmination of his work, three beautiful and sensual sisters, an enigmatic cat, a young writer and an anguished quest for the universal Erotic as redemption for the human species are the protagonists in the plot of this novel, in which Amir Valle inserts important classmates, who also have cultivated erotic literature, as fictional characters, creating a perfect literary prank for the reader.


The portals of night

Las puertas de la noche, novela, España, Amir Valle
With this work the author inaugurates a series of detective novels that has converted him in a short time into one of the most distinguished voices of what is known internationally as the Latin American Neo-Detective genre. In order to rummage around on the outer edges of Cuban society, Alex Varga, a black man (a kind of unofficial mayor for the marginal neighborhoods of Havana), and Police Lieutenant Alain Bec form an enriching relationship that allows them disquieting plunges into crime as a means of survival in present-day Cuban society.


The never-lost city (Inte någon gång förlorad stad)

Ciudad Jamás Perdida, novela, Suecia, Amir Valle
A journalist discovers that he has devoted his life to a lie, due in part to his innocence and naiveté as a fabricator of invented truths. He decides to face himself, and he is shattered by the silence. He discovers that from being mute he can be even stronger in his search to emerge from the lie’s boggy quagmire. His family, intimate, personal and professional relationships will show him the path he must choose: Either he must live with his dreams destroyed, or go into exile.


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