“I always had a fear of cockroaches, and when Mamá sent me to look for something in the old room in the back, I put on Papá’s big boots so I wouldn’t feel them crawling up my legs”.

Time Naked

From his childhood he still retains a love for swimming in rivers, hiking in the countryside and mountains, sunsets in the forest and the excited, multiple language of the insects and bugs of the woods.

When he was 1 years old, in

When he was 1 years old, in “Central Antonio Maceo”, Holguín.

He was born in the city of Guantánamo, January 6, 1967, from Catholic grandparents and atheist parents who, in spite of their atheism, preserved the magic of Three Kings Day (one of his fondest memories). Grateful and appreciative of the proper man he has become, his mind still wanders back to a small town in the eastern plains: Central Antonio Maceo, where he lived until the age of eleven, at a time “when exporting Cuba’s sense of fraternity and humanity could have made us rich.” This is why his mind is full of anecdotes of fraternity and humanity whenever he remembers that little town.

In the courtyard of his house, in

In the courtyard of his house, in “Central Antonio Maceo”, Holguín, when he was 2 years old.

His parents moved to the city of Santiago de Cuba, where “I believe my actual personality was formed”, although those years (incidentally, the first years of the Cuban Revolution) were the same for him as for other children: pioneer activities, revolutionary campaigns – in a word, all the political agitation of a nation in the midst of convulsive social change.

“At the time I was not aware of any of that; I can say that the child I was back then was interested only in his own dreams”.